Is the UK junior doctor strike in any way justified?

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My answer to Is the UK junior doctor strike in any way justified?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. There can be no justification for putting those who are dependent on you at risk.

The Junior Doctors have had their education and training paid for by the people of the U.K. Some of them will go into Private Practice. Many will for the rest of their lives be well-paid.

They all have the opportunity to do well and earn large salaries.

Many in the U.K cannot earn more than the minimum wage and work just as long hours as the doctors.

Why have the junior doctors not protested about the children who die in Aleppo?

Why have they not protested about the children who are killed by U.K missiles in Yemen, and the 000’s of children who die of malnutrion and disease everyday around the world? They need a reality check.

The Junior Doctors of the U.K do very well when compared to the Doctors in countries where there is war and poverty.

Many people are going to be in pain and discomfort because of their selfish action.

They should be charged by the Police for endangering the lives of patients. By law and by statutory Oath they are not allowed to put patients at risk.

I am not fan of Jeremy Hunt. In fact I will be shortly taking him to court.

But the way the BMA has negotiated on behalf of the doctors would suggest a lack of expertise in negotiation by the BMA.

Theresa May too has shown her lack of experience in industrial matters. May has made a mistake by allowing Hunt to continue with the negotiation.

I have been a Shop Steward and I know how having the right people at the negotiation table makes a difference.

My mum is 87. She is in discomfort everyday. What happens if she has to go to hospital on a strike day?

Is the UK junior doctor strike in any way justified?

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