If someone like superman was real, would crime rates drop?

My answer to If someone like superman was real, would crime rates drop?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Superman lives. He is the darling of his people, the avenger of the oppressed and the defender of the poor. So it would seem to the people of the Philippines who have welcomed Rodrigo Duterte’s avenging Superman crusade against drug dealers and drug users.

Our Philippine President Superman may have the will but does he have the Power.

The reason for drug addiction does not go away just because you lock it up. Just like thsoe who make money out of the Philippines’s drug trade are not all in the Philippines.

Global Drugs Financer are just as likely to be your next doot neighbour with wife and family in Manhattan New York or Mayfair in London.

Superman Duterte will need to seek the International Banking System to tighten the screws on Global Money Movements if he wants to end the Drug Trade.

The President will also have to create employment and stop wage exploitation.

Yes in the Philippines Superman Lives and crime rates are dropping

Whilst I do not agree with the killings, the thought of a drug dealer walking into a cell full of Philippines All Gay Big Boys does bring a certain Justice to Superman’s Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign.

If someone like superman was real, would crime rates drop?

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