Is David Cameron an honest man?

My answer to Is David Cameron an honest man?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It will depend how you define honesty. To many of us there is only one type of honesty. The honest that is a Principle you can be proud of no matter what arena of the world you are in.

But increasingly so Governments and those who exert their direction upon us have developed a new type of honesty. It is quite bizarre in the way it works.

What makes it even more bizarre is that we the people have accepted it.

It began with the King of Spin; Tony Blair. It did not matter how bad it was it was all good.

Then it metamorphosed itself into never answering the question. A Politician would be asked a question such as ‘Prime Minister how is the economy of the U.K.’?

He would reply ‘Well, without committing myself to a definitive reply I can say the weather today in Spain is as can be expected’.

Then that became the outright lie. You would ask ‘Prime Minister is it correct that the U.K is supplying missiles to Saudi Arabia that will be used to kill children in Yemen?’. He would reply ‘No of course not’.

Finally we have the 2016 version. The Goverment of the U.K is not responsible for anything.

David Cameron is honest except when he is a Prime Minister.

Is David Cameron an honest man?

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