How do I psychologically destroy enemies?

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My answer to How do I psychologically destroy enemies?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Principle is your greatest weapon. Never let go of your Principal. Evil has no Principle. It is not able to be proud and honorable.

Principle is the best weapon you can have. Because it can never be defeated. When you come under attack from your enemy they will look for chinks in your armour.

All you have to do is remain true to the Principle of ‘Good’.

They will try to put your mental reality under pressure.

Use Calmness and Objectivity to maintain your composure.

Being Proud and Honorable allows to be be brave and not be afraid to fight back.

When you are under mental attack you need to never doubt yourself.

The best form of defence is attack. Never be afraid to attack. It may be that you attack the Organization that supports them by exposing any emotional threat they have tried to impose on you.

The best attack is to go Public. Let people know the pressure you are under. But calmly and in a methodical manner. Be honest.

But you must attack from the flank. Only state the believable and provable.

A full frontal assault is too obvious and may allow them to accuse you of being hysterical or mentally insane.

All the time you will be collecting friends and evidence.

Take note of their weaknesses. Stupidity. Greed. Laziness. This means they have no new methods of defeating you. They will keep repeating the same emotional pressure on you.

Laugh at their stupidity for trying beat the Invincible. Then gradually others will laugh at them too.

You will build an immunity to them. They will wear themselves out trying to defeat you.

Once you have outflanked then then begin the full frontal assaulty.

Let the World know what they have done.

Evil is stupid and will keep repeating the same attacks on you.

This will make you stronger and they will become exhausted and weak.

When they know they are defeated they will Panic. They will expose themselves to others.

They will become desperate. In doing so others will see them for what they are; Cowards.

Justice. When you know you are right you are invincible. You know that one day your Enemy will run because he or she will know you cannot be defeated.

They will fear the Justice that you will impose upon them. It will haunt their minds as they wonder what form it will take and how painful it will be.

Mentally you must give no quarter. The Justice you seek must absolute no matter what form it takes.

You know that they might be able to run but they cannot hide.

Once they fear the unknown they will crumble and beg for mercy. Your mind will be free. It was always free. They tried to control it and in doing so destroyed themselves.

How do I psychologically destroy enemies?

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