How can you know if you’re being trolled?

My answer to How can you know if you're being trolled?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Trolls are a particularly nasty manifestation of the Evil in our Society. These small-minded people have no stature in their lives or anybody elses’s They use Trolling to exert control in order to obtain stature.

If you confront them they would turn into a quivering jelly of fear. They are like all the bully’s you have ever encountered at school or work. The Internet is their school playground.

Women and young adults in particular are their chosen way of obtaining a place in our society. As we cannot send them to ISIS for a permanent solution, and our Governments do nothing to stop escalating cyber crime we must deal with them ourselves.

The U.K Government is particularly lax at dealing with cyber-crime.

The most attractive target for a troll is your life. Should you decide to enter the minefield called Facebook or other media and pour out your heart then you will instantly appear on the Troll radar.

Note: I support Facebook. As a medium of communication it is without parallel. But it has not moved with the demands of the morality that encompasses our social interactions. I will be using Facebook in a new developed way when I begin my Community Investment Fund. But all our interactions through Facebook will require Positive Identification.

Once you have exposed any form of potential emotional vulnerability on Facebook or other media the vermin will strike.

Some are more subtle than an outright insult. They get their sick kicks out of taking control of your emotions. They will make you feel vulnerable to the point where you doubt yourself. Women who have been subjected to a controlling partner will know how soul destroying this can be.

Out and Out insults are easy. But they can be very nasty. Burn them. Block them. Go as Public as possible. This will alert others to them. Once a group of you have their details you can begin to build up a Profile on them. They will all have a real I.D somewhere on the Internet. Profile building will be useful for any Police actions.

I have had some serious insults and nasty nasty vermin attack me. They are all on record. Mine all use the same form of attack. As if somebody is directing them.

Do not engage them in any form of chat. They thrive on it. Ignore them completely..

Rule Number One. Very Important. Do not respond to any troll.

Once the Troll sense’s your weakness. The Pack will arrive. This is no random event. Troll Centrals will inform other Troll vermin and the script from Hell will begin.

Trolling is seldom a individual action. Trolls communicate with each other. Troll Centrals will instruct Trolls to home in one one person. Fight back. Post their ID’s.

Block them. Delete their comments.But make sure you have copied it all.

Parents Take Note: The Troll Kings are those who offer help. They will try and take over your son's or daughters lives.

I have had it happen to me. They are so subtle and alike it is almost if they have been to a Troll Training School.

Be very very careful Parents. These monsters will be seeking to control your child’s life. Possibly to provoke self-harm and even suicide – all to an audience. Yes. We live in a very sick World.

You must make sure that your child or young adult is only communicating with verified I’ds.

Be very very careful of those who seek to offer you help and slowly begin to control your life. These nasty nasty Troll vermin may even use very genuine and possibly even genuine ID’s.

Anybody who just happens to pop up on your screen who offers help but at the same time is highlighting your emotional weakness be very very wary of.

So in summary. Once you become a target Troll Centrals will home in on you. Block Burn and Post – Do not interact with them.

Be very very wary of those who highlight your emotional weakness and offer support.

Parents. Young teens with no friends are very vulnerable to these monsters. The most nasty of these vermin will want your daughter to self-harm or commit suicide.

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How can you know if you're being trolled?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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