In business, how can you quickly spot when someone bullshits you?

My answer to In business, how can you quickly spot when someone bullshits you?

Answer by Desmond Last:

When a person does not know how to do a job or carry out a process they will talk about themselves.

This is because it is their only area of expertise. They will repeat situations and they will when describing an incident make themselves the center of it.

A professional will not do that. He or she will be more centered on what they and you could learn from the situation.

But a Professional wants other people to be confident in their ability to do the job. As they talk you for them it will be a teaching experience.

People who are Professional and know their Job or Business will only talk about specifics and will explain as they talk.

Over the years as an owner of my own businesses and General Manager of others I have had to listen to hundreds of sales people and employees.

My benchmark is the’ transfer of knowledge’ I am receiving.

The question to ask to test if a person is telling the truth is ‘ Am I learning anything from this conversation?’

Is this person acting as a Professional or is he or she telling me not instructing me?

Most of us who are professionals in our field even if we are quiet in company, will immediately take charge of a situation that we are proficient in.

Those who are not will leave the responsibility to others.

The best way to succeed in Business is with ‘Honesty and Principle’.

A sales campaign may bring in the honey but ‘Honesty and Principle’ will maintain the sales.

In business, how can you quickly spot when someone bullshits you?

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