Which is the best field to become rich?

My answer to Which is the best field to become rich?

Answer by Desmond Last:

When the richest man in the history of the World is only hours away from dying what will he be thinking of?

Will he be wondering what his bank balance is?

Will he back considering his stock options? Will he perhaps be asking himself if his Government bonds are about to mature?

No. Money as an indicator of his wealth will not be important to him.

It is more than likely he will asking himself what am I going to say to God. What matter my riches now. Of more importance to God is how I have advanced the progress of mankind through the spirit and endeavor of humanity.

So my answer is human endeavor. No matter how much money you have, you are not rich unless you have an abundance of the spirit which is in all of us, and dormant in so many.

Believer in God or atheist, it is our ability to improve the lives of others with the gifts we have of imagination and creation that is our richness.

The pen of the poorest man in the world can create that which all the money in the world cannot; The ability to turn imagination into reality.

Note: The question asks rich it does not qualify the term.

Which is the best field to become rich?

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