How do I get food truck vendors to come to my property?

My answer to How do I get food truck vendors to come to my property?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Give them a call. But it will depend on your location and at what time of day you want the truck to call.

The most popular times are morning tea and lunch.

The operator will be the busiest call at the best times for them.

The least busy time is about an hour before lunch.

It will also depend on how many people you have that require the truck.

Multiple trucks will be OK as long as they are from the same vendor. If you split the revenue then get much of a rent.

The rent will depend on the nett profit. Discuss it with the operator.

If the venue is big enough it lease out the canteen to a truck operator.

We ran the Sydney Casino Canteen when it was being built and the Sydney Olympics Site when that was being constructed. I put in my own standalone canteen by crane and the other I built inside the Casino underground Car Park.

I ran Matilda's as General Manager in Sydney for 7 years before we sold it to Spotless Catering, and it that is how we decided if a call was worth going to.

How do I get food truck vendors to come to my property?

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