How can I protect my child from identity theft?

My answer to How can I protect my child from identity theft?

Answer by Desmond Last:

There is little point in protecting your child’s identification if you do not ensure the person your child is communicating with is genuine. Make sure your children are only in contact with verified Internet users.

Teaching Kids about Child Identity Safety Online | Identity Guard

The United Kingdom Goverment has not ensured the children of the U.K are able to operate in a safe cyber environment.

It does not enforce the laws that we have and allow cyber stalkers to roam the Internet posing as children.

The U.K Government allows convicted sex offenders to use the Internet with no controls.

Facebook does not insist on positive identified and the U.K Government has not legislated for it.

Cyber crime is at an all-time high in the U.K and Theresa May and the U.K Goverement are not dealing with it as they are required to.

There are many for of ID protection on the Internet. The other answers on this important subject have also listed companies who offer protection.

Save 10% + 30 Days Risk Free (Aug 2016)

BullGuard Identity Theft Protection Software

Norton Products and Services

Kaspersky Personal & Family Security Software

In re Facebook and the Facial Identification of Users

How can I protect my child from identity theft?

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