Did “New Labour” lose the last two elections because they’d become almost indistinguishable from the Conservatives?

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Answer by Desmond Last:

Labour did not make Policy for the People it made Policy to get elected. I was once reported in the media for saying Neil Kinnock would never be Prime Minster. Why? Because he tried to do the same.

Tony Blair promised Gold and in the end delivered sand. There is no point in being the Labour Party unless you have policies that deliver economic equality, and a future where Social Justice is a dynamic, not just a nirvana that only gets delivered at the Labour Party Conference.

The people of the United Kingdom have had enough of rainbow promises and a lackluster economy.

The only reason that Theresa May is still the Prime Minster is that the Labour Party does not have one good policy between them.

The Labour Party needs a new Economic Policy. It needs a serious reality check about uncontrolled immigration. It should consider Trident as a tool to allow the U.K to head Global Nuclear Disarmament Talks. Does Trident have to be modernized?

Why do Trident submarines have to be replaced?

An American physicist Prof Richard Gavin has told the Commons Defence Committee the decision to replace the Trident subs is "highly premature".He believes they can "safely and economically be operated for 40 to 45 years rather than 30", with changes to water chemistry extending the lifespan of the steam generators.

The Unions are not voted in by the people of the U.K to hold strikes to get rid of the Government. That is what we the people do. It is time the Labour Party and the Unions developed a new Economic Policy that does not include wholesale nationalization..

Keeping key industries and utilities within sovereign control is essential for long-term capital growth and investment multiplication. My new Economic system allows for that without losing control whilst still allowing private investment.

Unfortunately the Labour Party seems to be using the same Economic adviser as the Conservatives – neither seem able to grasp ‘New Economics’.

Labor has yet to produce a post Brexit Policy. It needs one now.

Jeremy Corbyn need new ideas if Labour is to win the next election. I believe they can win and Corbyn could lead them to Victory. But he needs to take Labour with him and with new Polocies.

I do not believe that currently they do have the new thinking that is required to win the next election

Did "New Labour" lose the last two elections because they'd become almost indistinguishable from the Conservatives?

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