How are you protecting yourself from identity theft?

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My answer to How are you protecting yourself from identity theft?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I have had my Identity Stolen. I have reported it to the U.K Police. I also reported an ANZ Travel Card that had been stolen and all the funds on it used.

The Police I reported identity theft to was the Thames Valley Police in Oxford. Their interest was zero. They said I had to call a Crime Reporting Person. They were even less help.

The ANZ said there was nothing they could do. They would not even refund the stolen money. The Police in Sydney where the card was used never replied to any of my emails to them.

My advice is that as soon as any bank or credit card, passport or license is stolen is to cancel it immediately. You must also remove your credit card details from your computer and any system that has them recorded for use.

You have to report it to the Police for insurance purposes. But if my experience is anything to go by it is a waste of time.

The U.K Government has failed to deal with cybercrime. I know from the hacking and blocking I am subjected to everyday that for whatever reason, the U.K Government has failed to safeguard its citizens.

I would be very wary about transferring funds whilst in the U.K via a laptop or mobile phone.

Wi-Fi has not been safeguarded as it should have in the U.K. Try to minimise any transactions using Wi-Fi until the U.KGOV brings U.K based cyber crime under control. Use a bank terminal to transfer funds or a hardwired computer.

Identity theft is a growing problem and one that the U.K Government and Police have not dealt with.

How are you protecting yourself from identity theft?

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