Would you share a poem with me?

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My answer to Would you share a poem with me?

Answer by Desmond Last:

What would the world be like if we were alive only for one day?

You gave him his pain.

You let him endure

24 screaming hours his long day’s death.

You watched him die.

As you watch so many die.

His 24 hours of Hell your gift to him.

He never knew

what it was like to see the eruption of colour

welcoming the new dawn,

to wonder

at the welcoming sounds of nature

to feel the warmth of humanity.

He was born for that one day blind.

The megre sustenance

of a United Nations corrupted

through the self-interest

of those who sought to profit from his pain,

not sufficient to stave of the inevitability

of the price of Western apathy.

He never knew the end

of the eternity of the agony,

only its enduring relentless path

to his painful screaming death.

Born with pain,

to live with pain

and to die with pain.

His life condensed

into one short struggle to live.

To never enjoy the gift of life.

He the profit of broken promises

and false hopes.

The AIDS in his blood

already its death flood

of anti-immunity rushing him

towards his inevitable end.

His tiny fingers a vice-like grip

on his silent numb mother.

His whole life

his whole world

One day.

But in that one day

he endured all that Mankind had to offer him.

He suffered the greed

the apathy,

the selfishness,

the corruption,

the hypocrisy.

The mother

no longer alive in her spirit

Her soul a torment.

Her life now nothing,

but as the dust swirling

choking her.

No joy for this mother

only a dullness of heart

now to be with her forever

Later his father

No longer numb with emotion

His anger now stirred.

Marched the steps of revenge

AL Shabaab at his side

Al Qaeda his shield

Boko Haram his weapon

ISIS his fighter.

And you?

later you died

On the Metro

In a crowded street

In a busy Hotel Foyer

The aircraft a fireball

A knife in your ribs

With your family

Your Government said 'Sorry'

Would you share a poem with me?

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