What’s it like for an expat to live in sydney?

My answer to What's it like for an expat to live in sydney?

Answer by Desmond Last:

As long as you follow the number one Rule you will be fine. However if you do not follow the number one rule you will be forever be labelled as an outcast and live a life of misery and desolation.

The number one Rule is that you are in Australia and that is it their country with its own culture and way of life.

I was more welcomed in Australia than in the U.K. I was born in London and did not leave the U.K till I was 32.

I had to return to the U.K after being in Australia for 23 years. I am about to go back to Australia.

No matter how bad it gets in Australia it will never be as unfriendly and unwelcoming as the U.K has been to me.

Australia is a land of opportunity. Its people are classless and all cultures mix well.

Australia has every type of nationality and they get on.

Australians are happy. Compared to the people of the U.K they are on laughing gas.

They are out-going and ready to give you a go.

Ex-pats all have their hangout and groups so you will never be alone.

I never witnessed the levels of race-crime as I have seen in the U.K.

U.K Goodbye – For me that day cannot come soon enough.


What's it like for an expat to live in sydney?

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