As Global Warming continues, where would be a sensible place to locate to?

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My answer to As Global Warming continues, where would be a sensible place to locate to?

Answer by Desmond Last:

House prices will fall dramatically in climate-change prone areas and double, even triple, in areas considered to be least at risk. The increase in insurance premiums or the total lack of insurance will also affect house prices and business profitability.

Your question is one the whole World will soon have to ask itself. For many there is no answer as they do not have the money or ability to move. Those that can may find that increasing demand may preclude choice and affordability.

Are Natural Disasters Increasing?

The first big risk is flooding. Localised fresh-water flooding and sea water flooding. The most at-risk area is one in which high-tides and storms can occur with inland fresh-water flooding.

Rising Sea Levels Could Cause Staggering Damage To These Cities

The next big risk is bushfires. Any area which has a large forested area surrounding it and a lack of natural water available for putting out the fires is at risk.

Number of bushfires in Australia 'increased by 40pc' over five years

Earthquakes and Volcanoes will increase as the Earth’s structure heats up and the available underground water is reduced. This will lead to earthquakes that are generated much closer to the Earth’s surface and generate a greater force. Living near a fault line is now more risk-prone.

Quakes are increasing, but scientists aren't sure what it means

Tsunamis. The Pacific Region will experience more and greater seabed quakes. All low-lying areas in the Pacific Region are at risk.

Avalanches will also increase as Global temperatures rise. So too Hurricanes, snowstorms and dust storms.

Perfect Storm: Climate Change and Hurricanes

Second worst January for US avalanche deaths in 20 years

Drought will get worse. This will lead to increasing pressure on the agricultural system. Climate Change refugees will outstrip those from war . This is the big one. It will lead to civil unrest and rioting on a scale never seen before.

Global Warming Effects on Drought

Communities need to self-help. Do not rely on your National Government. They are badly advised and not prepared to make the hard decisions necessary to prepare for and combat climate change. Our Senior Military are even less prepared. They will be the frontline of climate change and as yet have not taken the initiative to work with the Emergency Services and the community.

One way or another each one of us will in some way be affected. Our tax dollars are being used in increasing quantities to prepare for and deal with the negative effects of our climate.

Even if you are a skeptic you still have to deal with the bushfire or flood as it threatens your home.

I would be inclined to keep clear of any area at the sea-level that has a low lying inland area below it. Even worse if it is below sea-level. I would also avoid large urban areas that are not food independent. The U.K will be badly affected. But as yet nobody in the U.K seems to appreciate how bad it is going to get. Australia will suffer increasingly longer drought periods and larger bushfires as will California.

As Global Warming continues, where would be a sensible place to locate to?

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