With so much media bias, what’s the best way to stay current with the news?

My answer to With so much media bias, what's the best way to stay current with the news?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The Western Press are owned; lock stock and barrel. You only have to look at the one-sided coverage that the U.K media gave to Jeremy Corbyn (23.08.2016) for highlighting train overcrowding.

How is it that they all ran the same story? Why did ITV go overboard and swim the length of the English channel to first report it and then to our absolute boredom discuss it – the second item on the main news.

The Daily Mail are unbelievable, They ran the same story on their front page. Who cares? Good on Corbyn for doing something about train overcrowding. Can you imagine Theresa May sitting on the train floor – her skis would get in the way.

As somebody who has had to endure considerable person difficulty because of the media I can say firsthand that the media are not independent.

The only way to find out what is really going on in the world is to have it relayed to you by a trusted known contact via Facebook or Quora or a trusted social media channel.

Our Emails are routinely blocked and hacked, the media are told what to write and Internet media pages are altered in both the U.K and the U.S.A

The BBC and ITV report hardly any world events and have a Government pro Establishment bias.

America is the same. I watch NewsMax to get another view of Trump. CNN never shows the same and is very pro Clinton.

Do you trust your Goveremnt? If not, trust your media even less.

With so much media bias, what's the best way to stay current with the news?

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