What are notable facts about the House of Lords?

My answer to What are notable facts about the House of Lords?

Answer by Desmond Last:

That they still exist is the most embarrassing and ridiculous exhibition of a increasingly divided U.K that is displayed to the world.

They are the most undemocratic political group in the Western World. They are not elected. Yes unbelievable but true – not elected. If you are from America now you know why you have a July the 4th and we do not.

The members of the House of Lords decide on Government Policy for the people, without having to ask the people for their view

That is the most notable fact about the House of Lord.

We have over 800 of them who get paid £300 a time to sign on and then can head down to the bar to drink expensive wine and claim it on expenses.

If they wish they never have to make a speech or take part in any debate.

I have never met one of these Lords and neither have most people.

Their role is to apply a ‘check and balance’ to legislation and Bills coming from the House of Commons, who are our elected representatives. They vote as they are instructed to do by the Political Parties who appoint them.

Go to the House of Lords and you will see some of them asleep on their benches after a big lunch.

This is not democracy. It in fact contravenes the International Convention of Human Rights, as they do not allow the people to express their views.

They hold the country back. They are out of touch and many of them do not understand the complexity of industry specific modern trade.

They are appointed by the political parties not the people. They are a joke.

But here in ‘Bend over Britain’ most people are apathetic and do as they told.

If I were Prime Minister the second house would consist of elected community (including Military and Police) and industry representatives.

What are notable facts about the House of Lords?

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