What’s the most important street of Sydney, Australia?

My answer to What's the most important street of Sydney, Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Odd, eccentric, vibrant and cosmopolitan. There is not one street in Sydney that can compare to King Street, Newtown.

It begins not far from one of the main roads into Sydney – Paramatta Road. It can easily be accessed by bus and Newtown Train Station is very central.

It has Pubs with music, food to suit the taste of every nationality and a wide range of shops.

You can buy fashion wear new and used – From retro to vintage and from burlesque to fetish.

There are lots of collectible shops and the largest secondhand book shop in Australia – Goulds.

The Coopers Hotel has an great upstair area with restaurant as does the Zanzibar – which has a rooftop bar. The Bank Hotel has a great outdoor area and an impressive outside restaurant. The Sandringham loves its Rock bands.

As you walk down King Street from the City road it will veer off to the left. This is the part of King Street that has all the secondhand shops.

Coffee shops are all along the street and there are tattoo shops as well.

King Street also has some fascinating architecture. It is similar to Brick Lane in London. You can see the influences of different immigrant groups by the design of the buildings.

At the beginning of King Street is The Trocadero which was restorated in Feb. 2007. The Trocadero was once a skating rink and has/had the only cantilever steel roof in Australia when it was built. It is a magnificent building and is well worth a look.

King Street is the history of Sydney’s Immigration. From Victorian design to Greek Architecture it is all there to see and much of has been restored in character with its history.

What's the most important street of Sydney, Australia?

Author: Desmond Last

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