What’s so bad about Theresa May?

My answer to What's so bad about Theresa May?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It was loud. It was decisive. It was the result of years of ‘Say everything and do nothing’ Policies. It was the voice of the dis-effected. It was Democratic. It was Brexit.

May has not once spoken to the People of the United Kingdom since Brexit. Standing outside 10 Downing Steer and talking to the media is not the same as a National address to the people of the United Kingdom. Theresa May does not listen.

We did not elect May or her hidden advisers. We have no idea what the policies of the United Kingdom are for the next four years – neither do Business and the Markets.

May would appear to be a Prime Minster who is above her people.

Cameron became the same after a while. May needs a reality check.

Like all Government's, the U.K Government has got to big for its boots.

Unless May provides democracy by ensuring the People of the U.K have an involvement in the future of their country, then Corbyn is the next Prime Minster. Corbyn is at least prepared to roll up his sleeves and speak directly to the people.

What's so bad about Theresa May?

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