What is the conclusion of disaster management?

My answer to What is the conclusion of disaster management?

Answer by Desmond Last:

There can never be a conclusion. Disasters are a constant feedback system. They are the results of known circumstance to unpredictable parameters. I have written a Disaster response system for both National and International Disaster Response.

The most important part of any Disaster is the debrief. Yes of course the initial response is the most safety critical but that is known. Once you are informed of the disaster your response systems are set to a series of known timings which if not adhered to will change all the interdependent systems.

Where is the learning and teaching done? In the debrief. How is the next disaster responded to with a more efficient cent and effective method? By the modified or new system(s) that come out of the debrief.

Without a systemic approach to the debrief lessons will not be used to modify existing systems or implement new systems.

Emergency and Security services have testing times ahead. Terrorism and Climate Change will increase the dependency upon them.

From my experience in the U.K and Australia, and from watching disaster response from around the world,Governments have under-resourced and under-prepared the Emergency Serves.

Training with the Military and communities in risk-identified areas is virtually non-existent.

There is no system of International Disaster response. Disaster Management is a constant feedback system. As soon as one disaster is dealt with it must prepare for the next with the lessons learned from the previous disaster.

What is the conclusion of disaster management?

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