Why is there so much hate towards David Cameron?

My answer to Why is there so much hate towards David Cameron?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I do not think it is hate more of a case of indifference. Cameron promised so much in a vague sort of way but delivered very little.

He never understood the divide that exists between the ruling elite and the rest of the country.

His blatant support of the class system was illustrated by the growing number of members of the of Lords.

His gurus shielded him from the reality of the people he was meant to represent to such an extent he began to believe his own spin doctors.

For the most his gurus were and are overpaid and underperforming failed intellectuals who are out for the buck and not the public duty.

He did not stand up to the office boys in Brussels. They would have fallen in line if he had a new reform plan for Euripoe. But his reform plan was for the U.K

He did not think Libya through and then dumped it.

Now he has gone and we have a Prime Minster who we did not elect. But that does not matter because we have an Opposition Leader nobody wants.

Cameron will soon be the forgotten Prime Minister.

Why is there so much hate towards David Cameron?

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