Why do a lot of people think that the United Kingdom is a weak country?

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My answer to Why do a lot of people think that the United Kingdom is a weak country?

Answer by Desmond Last:

We no longer stand for human rights and democracy. Children are dying in Aleppo and the U.K Government do nothing. Where is the pride in watching children die? Where are our military? Not ensuring safe conduct for an aid convoy.

We are not united in a common spirit of endeavour. We are a divided Nation which has a ruling elite. An elite who are totally divorced from the reality of what it is like to live in an overcrowded country, which no longer has an identity built on its once proud history.

We no longer have an economy we can participate in with our efforts to make ourselves a great trading nation. Instead we are a sub-assembly plant for the rest of the world.

GDP is not an indicator of productive efficiency. We may turn over the revenue of the world’s fifth largest economy but we are owned by overseas companies who take their investment out of the U.K.

Our nuclear weapons are made in the U.S and in the event of a nuclear war they will direct our use. We do not have the overall tracking systems the Americans have.

Our overseas territories must wonder why it is we have any say in their administration as the U.K has little to offer them. Some of whom face rising sea levels we have done nothing about.

We have a second house that America must shake their heads in disbelief at – over 800 Lords and not one elected.

We are not at the forefront of technology are told what are research should be.

Our utilities have all been sold off which has left us with no control of our future.

Our media are seen as the worst in the world willing to report any gutter news they can find. The BBC is a sham. It hardly reports world events.

Our Royal family live in their own protected bubble whilst the queues outside food banks continue to grow.

Our legal system once the envy of the worlf only works if you have money.

We should be a leader in world affairs but now behind our backs they laugh at us.

We should have led Europe to reform instead now we will become a footnote in Economic history.

History can build a future but it cannot trade an economy. The U.K must wake up and begin to work as one Nation.

Why do a lot of people think that the United Kingdom is a weak country?

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