What are some interesting hobbies?

My answer to What are some interesting hobbies?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Boats. All types of boat, but in particular sail boats – from a dinghy you can put on the roof of your car to a 50′ motorsailer you can circle the globe with.

For a family boats are an ideal way for children to respect danger and the environment.

There is nothing more exhilarating than using the wind to power your way across a harbour or lake.

You learn how to appreciate the forces of nature. You will understand how to prepare for them.

Marine life, conservation, swimming, boat design, first aid, the weather, and the climate are all enhanced as interests by sailing,

Boating also teaches children common- sense. Something Microsoft and texting does not.

In a Western world where many children have become shielded from the the world in a way which does not prepare them for self-reliance, boating will provide them with life-skills that promote common sense.

What are some interesting hobbies?

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