How would you kill Batman?

My answer to How would you kill Batman?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I would invite Batman to Aleppo in Syria. Batman is the upholder of law and order and believes in the protection of the rights of the people.

Batman would never believe that the laws of the world had been stolen with the consent of the all the senior lawmakers in the world.

Batman had listened to all their speeches on human rights and how we all had to ensure we obeyed the law.

Batman being a true model citizen had been to mosques, churches, synagogues and temples. They had all said that innocent people should not be killed.

Batman had also watched as all the armies commemorated the sacrifice of all those who had fought for freedom.

There is no way that Batman would believe that in Aleppo anybody, including children, could be killed and nobody would stop them.

So once Batman was in Aleppo I would ask him to go to a children's hospital and then I would wait until a bomb from a jet aircraft blew him to bits.

Bye Bye Batman.

How would you kill Batman?

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