How do I turn my hobbies into a career?

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My answer to How do I turn my hobbies into a career?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I walked into my office sat down looked at the four walls. I could not see the blue sky or hear the birds. I got up and handed in my notice. I was the CEO of a large engineering company in Western Sydney.

I sold my home and bought Sydney Boat Sales – I love boats. They were my hobby.

I had never sold a boat in my life. I made a success out of my passion. I became one of Sydney’s leading boat brokers.

I would not recommend you turn your hobby into a business career unless you have money and stamina. You also need to be able to understand business.

Being good at something does mean you can make a business out if it unless you are prepared to accept the business learning curve that comes with it.

You also may find that the joy your hobby have you is not time available when you are running a business.

I used to watch Saturday sailors with some envy as I took potential boat buyers to look at boats on Saturday mornings.

My best advice is to do a business course part-time or full-time. The other is to know your market. Who are you selling to and where are they?

Make sure you know how much your business costs you, By the hour. By the day. By the week and by the month.

How do I turn my hobbies into a career?

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