What can be done to help Syria?

My answer to What can be done to help Syria?

Answer by Desmond Last:

If I lived in New York I would organise a protest outside the U.N and not let anybody out until the members of the Security Council carried out their legal responsibility and stopped the war.

We must all let our governments know how we the people are disgusted by our Government’s inability to stop the bombing of civilians,

How Obama and Putin can sleep at night I have no idea.

Right in front of the eyes of the whole world we are watching children being bombed.

Have we gone back in time? Is the war in Syria starting all over again?

Even our own Prime Minster Theresa May who is on holiday says nothing and does nothing whilst children are murdered.

We must all let our Governments know that they are responsible for allowing the war to continue, and they must stop the senseless bombing of children now.

What can be done to help Syria?

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