What are legitimate grievances of the UK against EU bureaucracy and over-regulation?

My answer to What are legitimate grievances of the UK against EU bureaucracy and over-regulation?

Answer by Desmond Last:

It will be interesting to see if the U.K is able to reduce over-regulation. I believe that in order to gain E.U entry for product and service compliance it will instead increase.

Take motor-vehicles built in the U.K. They require type-approval.

Inside the E.U it is not a problem. But now the manufactures in the U.K will have to apply to the E.U for product compliance and and more importantly testing from outside the E.U. it will increase paperwork.

Every single change made to a vehicle pre-production has to meet E.U regulations. I know how much paper-work is involved.I was the Legislation Manager for Renault Vehicles Industries at Dunstable.

The U.K was particularly cost-burdened and over-regulated by the E.U because we have a lot of small businesses, and they bear the brunt of over-regulation. However I read this week that the U.K Tax Office wants 3 monthly reporting and that is not coming from the E.U.

Health and Safety has in the U.K been over-zealous. Take the Police. Why is it our Police are all day-glow. In Europe they wear stripes. Same regulations different approach.

In my opinion it is going to get worse. We are now going to be subject to Whitehall new rules post-Brexit and new E.U trade agreement compliance.

The U.K also has to put every statute before Parliament in order to remove any E.U compliance law.

Whitehall and local governments are guilty of burdening the U.K with E.U compliance cost. The U.K has far too much Government, all with various bureaucrats whose job is to make regulations.

The E.U has produced a higher level of workplace safety and it has ensured Governments have minimum standards of social justice.

But it went too far in wanting to become a Super-State. But Theresa May, (is she still on holiday?), needs a Plan A.

The U.K will become regulation central as it attempts to get into Europe and other countries with individual trade deals.

My solution would be a Plan A which would see the U.K back in a reformed E.U.

What are legitimate grievances of the UK against EU bureaucracy and over-regulation?

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