What’s wrong with Australia?

My answer to What's wrong with Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The Politicians. Apart from that it is a great country. I love the weather, the vastness of the expanse of seemingly never-ending horizon, the sea and the opportunity to do well for yourself – as I did.

I enjoyed my 23 years there, and am about to head back.

The Politicians are over-paid, there are too many of them, they are under-worked and do have the ability to see beyond their own personal horizons.

They over-burden Australia with unnecessary regulation and interfere too much in people lives.

They have failed the Aboriginal people. They are under-represented and talked down to. They should have been given their own state – there is plenty of spare land.

They have completely lost the plot when it comes to manufacturing and now Australia has very little.

They act as if they are kingpins in the Pacific but have ignored rising sea levels. 85 per cent of Australian energy comes from fossil fuels. It hardly uses solar power.

They have also failed to understand that climate change and bush fires are linked, and each year the fires will get worse.

If you closed the Parliaments for a year nobody would miss them.

What's wrong with Australia?


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