How really dangerous is ISIS?

My answer to How really dangerous is ISIS?

Answer by Desmond Last:

ISIS will become more dangerous once it is forced to disperse. It will mutate into splinter groups and force conflict between established groups dragging civilian communities into inter-group wars.

It is not going to be a nice world for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa. There are an awful lot of trained ISIS fighters. Some who are fighting for a cause and some who are fighting for the money. Those who fight for money will join any group and use any force that is required to get what they want.

When a person joins ISIS they are asked ‘Are you a fighter or a martyr’?

There are a large group of ‘ISIS Martyrs’ preparing to become suicide bombers.

The U.S lead coalition support of the rebels in Syria and Putin’s support of Assad have failed by not working together to defeat ISIS and bring peace to Syria.

They have both poured arms and money into Syria and Iraq.

Where are all the arms and where is all the money?

Now we are going to see increased terrorist and insurgency attacks.

As I have stated before nobody in ISIS is going to sign a surrender document and hand over all their weapons.

It is going to be bad, really bad, unless we must implement a new military strategy which is legal, overwhelming and united. We must stop killing civilians.

We must also use ‘ The word of God’ to reach the martyrs who will be preparing right now to kill people Europe and America.

We can begin by bringing Peace to Afghanistan. That means talking to the Taliban.

How really dangerous is ISIS?


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