Why is the Arctic warming faster than previouly thought?

My answer to Why is the Arctic warming faster than previouly thought?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The ‘law of diminishing returns’ explains why we have underestimated the accelerating rate of change of the pressure systems that determine the behavior of our Planet’s environment.

As the global median temperature increases the temperature differential between hot and cold is reduced as we lose our ‘cold areas’. This results in an acceleration of the melting of the ice-pack as the air that passes over the Arctic increases in temperature.

For evidence see NASA’s evidence of ‘Arctic Warming’ Feature Articles

In effect we lose part of the Planet’s cooling system. A comparison would be blocking part of the radiator of your car; the cooling effect is reduced.

The effect speeds up over time. As our Planet gets warmer our air becomes warmer and our cooling area’s such as the Arctic and the Amazon become smaller. The two are in inverse proportion to each other with an accelerating effect.

The less ice and cool air we have then the faster the warm air is going to melt the remaining ice.

This then speeds up the temperature increases, increases sea-levels and temperatures, changes creatures great and small migration and feeding patterns and also affects the pressure systems which cause our winds by altering thermal patterns.

Even if you believe that this is Nature at work you still have to deal with the problems casued by an Arctic in meltdown.

Paris 21 is our Government’s answer. It is a non-mandatory agreement that does not report back until 2025. By then the Arctic will be even further reduced in size.

We need a much more responsive agreement. One that we the People, whose Planet it is, have a part in deciding what it is we want our Governments to do – they are after all the ones who let Climate Change happen.

Why is the Arctic warming faster than previouly thought?

Author: Desmond Last

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