What is the secret to peace of mind?

My answer to What is the secret to peace of mind?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Respect is key to Peace of Mind. Unless you respect yourself and others then your mind will an inner turmoil of contradiction.

Can you look yourself in the mirror of your mind’s reality and say ‘I am a principled person’

Nobody is perfect. But are you perfect enough for yourself?

Is your morality your ability to undo wrong, and act as a moral person who respects the dignity of others able to make you proud of yourself?

Some are evil. Those who are Evil will never have Peace of Mind. Their whole life is dedicated to themselves.

They are jealous of true happiness and spend all their lives trying to understand why it is some are happy with £1 whilst for them there is never enough money.

They will commit any crime and destroy any life in order to achieve what they believe to be happiness – but everyone of them in the hour of their death will regret their lives and know that they are about to enter Hell.

To obtain peace of mind you must believe in yourself. In order to achieve a state of mind where you are proud of your place in the world, you must act with respect and dignity to all and to yourself.

If you were to leave this Earth today would you leave it better than when you arrived?

If you have made one person happy and treated all others with respect and dignity. than the answer is yes. You have your Peace of Mind.

What is the secret to peace of mind?

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