Is Boris Johnson running Britain?

My answer to Is Boris Johnson running Britain?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Nobody is running the U.K. Least of all Boris Johnson. Theresa May left the U.K for a holiday. But the financial markets do not go on holiday. It is as if Brexit was some sort of Houdini. Immediately afterwards all those who wanted our votes disappeared.

U.K Politicians do not understand the reality of what has happened. The E.U is no longer there to act as a buttress to Global Economic Shock.

Sterling is on its own. Only expectation is holding it up. The U.K is also being battered by Cyber attacks and the U.K Government is doing nothing about it.

Sterling as an investment is not going to remain so if financial security cannot be guaranteed by the U.K Government.

The U.K Govermnt needs to step out of its Alice in Wonderland reality and get down to some hard work. Theresa May should get back and start the midnight sessions to get Plan A finalized for the markets.

Hammond's piecemeal approach to economic planning is not working. He would not have inspired confidence in industry and investment by not having a post 2020 plan for replacing EU investment.

He also displayed a lack of attention to detail by not re-assessing current E.U commitments of £6 billion. There has been a lot of nepotism with EU funding and Hammond should have re-assessed all current grants and approved applications to insure they are of benefit to the U.K not the EU.

Theresa May is not in charge, Boris Johnson is not in charge. As far as I can tell nobody is charge of the U.K economy.

Is Boris Johnson running Britain?

Author: Desmond Last

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