How do you feel about Facebook’s censorship of conservative or Pro-Trump voices?

My answer to How do you feel about Facebook's censorship of conservative or Pro-Trump voices?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Facebook is the Public Domain. They are also governed by the International Convention of Human Rights which give freedom of expression. Human Rights are absolute they cannot be removed.

Freedom of Expression does not stop at the portal to Facebook.

Facebook has no right to delete any comment it has accepted as a posting unless it violates any laws.

By virtue of the fact it has allowed the posting it has already given consent. If it were to pre-approve a post that contained an opinion that did not conform to a published point of view, then it would have the right to reject it.

Facebook does not do this. It accepts the posting and allows the world to view it. Once this is done it cannot then remove it without contravening freedom of expression.

The same for Governments and politicians who have Facebook pages and who do delete comments they do not agree with.

They have decided to use Facebook and place themselves in the public domain.

Therefore to remove a comment they do not agree with could be said to be restricting the people’s ability to democratic debate.

No doubt Facebook will one day see itself in court if it is deleting comments. Particularly those which are deemed to be in the public interest.

How do you feel about Facebook's censorship of conservative or Pro-Trump voices?

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