Do you agree that ISIS was created by the US?

My answer to Do you agree that ISIS was created by the US?

Answer by Desmond Last:

ISIS has cost the people of the USA from April 2014 to-date ~$8.4 billion. It is now increasing at the rate of $11.9 million~ per day. Estimates do vary, some are a lot higher.

The USAF have flown 10,826 bombing missions.

The U.S military estimate 20,000 ISIS have been killed in battle in 2015.

How Many ISIS Fighters Has the U.S. Actually Killed?.

See Cost of Military Action Against ISIS to Taxpayers in the United States

So if ISIS was created by the U.S it was not by intent.

But what has created ISIS is a region which is awash with arms and money to fight whoever Russia or America want to back.

Hillary Clinton wants to continue her support of the Kurd's with money and arms. That does not help Turkey who are a member of NATO.

We must stop arming the Middle East which is what enabled ISIS to grow so quickly. Money paid to groups in the Middle East has no loyalty and could end up in anybody’s pocket.

The Foreign Policy of the U.S made ISIS a reality. To stop the deadly cycle we must stop the supply of arms and money.

Do you agree that ISIS was created by the US?

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