In economics, what is a perspective plan?

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My answer to In economics, what is a perspective plan?

Answer by Desmond Last:

If you are standing on a cliff’s edge do you see the sharp drop or the horizon?

Is your Prime Minister or President able to tell you how the size of your country’s population in 2030 and where the water that is required for your country in 2030 is going to come from?

When I first started writing about climate change 8 years ago I asked that same question. What is your optimum population size for the water and food your country needs.

I also asked what is the vision your President or Prime Minister has for your country.

The two questions combined are the Perspective Plan. It is the vision that is required to provide economic planning with its goal.

Economic planning cannot be developed without a Grand Design. Economists need to know what the parameters are, the timescale and the available resources.

In the U.K we do not have that vision. We have media opportunity statements and media byte quotes. We have two political parties each at war with its own members.

If ever there was an example of how selfish Politics has become it is here in the U.K.

How can civil servants and the business community in the U.K produce long-term planning? We have a Conservative Party and a Labour Party who seek their own needs before that of the country.

There is no Perspective Plan for the U.K let alone a Plan for its future place in the world.

The U.K needs a Perspective Plan now not when it is too late.

In economics, what is a perspective plan?

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