What are some good examples of “How is this legal?”

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My answer to What are some good examples of "How is this legal?"

Answer by Desmond Last:

I was at my home 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney. I was writing a trauma Process for Police Officers and Military as part of my own work on the development of the United Nations.

There was a knock at the door. They were the Police.

I was told that they had an eviction notice and I had to leave immediately. I was not allowed to pack any belongings. I left behind everything including 5 years of writing.

I had not been served a court order or any court documents.

I had not made any payment arrangements with the ANZ. I had only ever met with one ANZ person. She came to my house and said could I catch up with my mortgage – which I did.

I was £3500 in default. Who would evict somebody for a default of £3500?

I was also evicted from my home in Suffolk Park which was £7000 in default. I was not told that I was being evicted from Suffolk Park.

They had an estate agent there in front of me that same day – with all my belongings in my home.

My car was worth $20,000 I could have sold it. Now I own the home in Suffolk Park outright but the ANZ said they could not find me and the NSW Guardian and Trustee took charge of it.

The NSW Guardian will not return my home and belongings to me unless I go to Court in Sydney to prove who I am. They will not provide me with any accounts and have rented my home out.

I made a complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman, who said I have to go to court – even though the ANZ lied and said they had made payment arrangements with me. I complained to the ICAS. The government body for corruption. They too rejected my complaint.

The FOS never replied when I said within their 30 day reply period that the ANZ had lied. They have never been able to produce evidence that the ANZ made payment arrangements with me.

Why would I sit at home waiting to be evicted when I had a car I could have sold and made other payment arrangements?

Why have the ANZ been allowed to act so obviously illegal?

The ANZ also said I was forcibly removed. An outright lie- I left calmly they never even entered the house. Why lie?

I wrote to Malcolm Turnbull – who replied – 'There was nothing he could do'.

Not one Australian Journalist has ever responded to my emails about this or for that matter any Journalist.

Not one Human Rights group or lawyer has ever responded.


What are some good examples of "How is this legal?"

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