When will the stock market crash again?

My answer to When will the stock market crash again?

Answer by Desmond Last:

This time it will be the mother of all crashes. We are fast approaching a ‘destiny intersection’. This is where interlinked but individual set of capital flows are allowed unregulated and unrestricted entry into any market, without considering the consequences of their outcome.

This of course happens before any recession. But in previous recessions we have not had the degree of capital monopolization that now exists.

We did not have the long-term affects of increased military spending.

This has diverted finance from capital requirements that are required for the economic stability provided by market competition and labour productivity. Both of which are not factors in military spending.

We have not had the daily increasing cost of climate disasters. Man-made or not they exist and continue to increase in frequency and duration.

We have not had the banking sector removed from providing capital to Government capital investment. This is now provided by International Agencies who take away economic sovereignty and more importantly decision-making.

We have not had the current level of Aid dependency, and so many countries who are unacle to provided a positive economic return to the Global Economy.

We have not had this level of Public and Personal borrowing.

We have not had capital growth provide by speculation and credit funding at a level which is not underpinned by capital reserves.

Climate Change has to be paid for.

Insurance companies will run out of money. This will be the key indicator of the ‘Next Big One’ . In my opinion this will sometime in the next 24 months.


When will the stock market crash again?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 12~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and I enjoy producing music and fashion concepts. All my writing and work is copyright protected

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