Why is Marilyn Monroe inspiring?

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My answer to Why is Marilyn Monroe inspiring?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Marilyn never gave up. In an era when feminism was still a distant future Marilyn fought all the stereotypes, and most of the time on her own.

Her life was a battle for her to maintain her own identity.

Most wanted her for her looks. Marilyn wanted them not to need that part of her.

When beauty shines from within then Evil always wants to destroy its independence so it can own the beauty. Evil is always jealous of beauty.

True beauty cannot exist on looks alone. It has to love life as Marilyn did.

There were many who wanted to own Marilyn and she fought them all.

In the end they had to kill Marilyn. It was the only way they could own her.

Somewhere is a file. In that file is the true story of how Marilyn was murdered and by whom. The truth never stays hidden.


Why is Marilyn Monroe inspiring?

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