What is the best way to to make money?

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My answer to What is the best way to to make money?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Know who it is you are going to make money from and where is the best place for them to see you. Stick to the following rules and you will be successful.

Be totally honest and fair. Enjoy it, Love it and live it.If your soul and heart are in what you do then you cannot fail as long as you remember the rules.

  1. You cannot sell your product or service if you do not know who is going to buy it.
  2. They cannot buy it if they cannot find you. On-line or On-Street.
  3. Honesty and fairness have a word of mouth all the advertising in the world will not buy.
  4. Enjoy it. You cannot buy enthusiasm. It is contagious. It will spread to your staff and your customers.
  5. Do not let your competition be your business plan. Ignore them.. Classic Example……Donald Trumo should erase Hillary Clinton from his mind and speeches. He is wasting valuable time on trying to beat his competition. Instead of selling his policies.
  6. Know your bottom line. Know it by the hour, by the day, by the month and by the year. Your Profit and Loss is your God. Without it you will fail. Know it by heart. Know if you are making money by the hour. Have you made money. No money No honey.
  7. Your staff are your bank. Invest in them.
  8. Do not ever, even if Hell freezes, over employ friends.
  9. Do not borrow. Do not lease. If you do remember the P and L when it rains.
  10. There is only one way to do something – The Right Way.
  11. The customer that complains is a good customer. He came back. He wants to continue to give you his business.
  12. Everyday do something to improve your business. Even if it as simple as washing the office windows.
  13. Have your ideas time and checklist.
  14. Manage the business by looking at all of it not by being in one part of it.
  15. Know your stock and keep it clean. Look smart.
  16. Know the difference between advertising and marketing.
  17. The day you lose interest – Sell. Every business I have ran and owned has been successful. Stick to the above and you will be. www.desmondlast.com.

What is the best way to to make money?

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