What caused the Syrian war and why can’t it end?

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My answer to What caused the Syrian war and why can't it end?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The war was caused by the corruption of International Law. This was ignored by the members of the United Nations Security Council. Assad the President, was allowed to stop dissent by the abuse of human rights. The United Nations Security Council did nothing to stop him.

The war continues for the same reason.

It is not enough for Human Rights Groups, the United Nations and Governments to condemn Human Rights abuses and contravention of International Law. They must act to stop them.

What is the point of there being a Security Council if all they do is act in their individual interests rather than that of World Peace? What is the point of Human Rights Laws if we do not enforce them?

The United Nations was formed to bring Peace. It was not formed so that John Kerry the American Secretary of State can sit down with the same people who have taken part in the killing of ~300,000 Syrians.

We have laws that do not allow the killing of civilians and these laws apply to Russia and Putin as much as they do to Assad.

Assad is a murderer. No ifs and buts. What is the President of Russia doing supporting a man who will one day have to stand in court, to face the charge of ‘crimes against humanity’? The leaders of all the groups who kill civilians will have to face the same court.

All the countries of United Nations including China should send in an over-whelming International Force without Political control to stop the conflcit, arrest those who have killed civilians, disarm all those who are fighting, and ask the people of Syria to elect new leaders.

Unless the Governments involved stop taking sides this is a conflcit that will never end.

This war started in 2011. The first Peace talks were not held until February 2016. The Secretary General of the United Nations has failed in his legal obligation to enforce International Law.

Those involved; the rebel groups, the Western Governments, Assad and ISIS have all been involved in the murder of civilians.

They have all sought their own selfish reasons for supporting one side or the other.

The hypocrisy is unparalleled and has to stop.


What caused the Syrian war and why can't it end?

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