What are the reasons why capitalism needs growth for it to succeed?

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My answer to What are the reasons why capitalism needs growth for it to succeed?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Growth at any cost is the motto of Capitalism. It is the steamroller of failed economic theory. Greed and corruption its twin bedfellows mow down whatever stands in its path. The pursuit of capital accumulation and ownership are its reason for existence.

Are you a community in Africa sitting on top of one of the world’s largest Gold reserves? Don’t worry Capitalism will take your wealth, ensure your poverty and make one man somewhere very rich. All you have to do is live in squalor and absolute poverty.

Are you a young girl in Aleppo Syria, with two legs and two arms? Not for much longer Capitalism loves wars. Today you will lose your legs so somebody somewhere can replace the missile that took them away with another, and make money from your pain.

Are you a dying child of Aids and malnutrition? Capitalism thrives on you. It loves all the money meant for you. It takes your death and spends it on Gold Bathroom Taps and Fighter Jets.

Are you a U.K Steelworker? Proud of your life-long service in the Steel Furnaces of your Nation. Not anymore. Now you are a shelf-filler, your day now of no pride.

Are you a proud upholder of the USMC Peace Effort in Afghanistan? Don't worry. Capitalism will steal your sacrifice when America has no job for you.

Are you a Tiger stalking his land? Free of the greed of mankind. Not for much longer. Soon there will be no more water for you. Mankind’s destruction of its World all about you as its greed seeks profit and not conservation.

Are you a Harvard or Oxford student full of life, revolution and hope? You are about to be taught the most failed system of Economics in world history, so you can repeat its failure. Your Professors are going to teach you Capitalism.

That is why Capitalism needs growth. It devours everything it consumes.

A new system which allows an integration of the supply and demand chains and does not allow capital to be monopolised yet still allows competition and reward is needed. Read www.showempathy.one for an outline of my new theory and system.


What are the reasons why capitalism needs growth for it to succeed?

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