Why do progressives want to slash military spending?

My answer to Why do progressives want to slash military spending?

Answer by Desmond Last:

For many the slashing of Military spending is a way of achieving Peace. But you cannot provide a solution for Peace until you have a military advantage. It is not the cutting of Military spending that is important to me. It is what we achieve with our military spending that should concern us. It is also about the ‘waste of lives’. These are the totals of Coalition Forces that have lost lives in Afghanistan.

USA: 2,271 UK: 453 Canada: 158 France: 88 Germany: 57 Italy: 53 Poland: 44 Denmark: 43 Australia: 41 Spain: 35 Georgia: 31 Netherlands: 25 Romania: 23 Turkey: 15 Czech Republic: 10 New Zealand: 10 Norway: 10 Estonia: 9 Hungary: 7
 Sweden: 5 Latvia: 4 Slovakia: 3 Finland: 2 Jordan: 2 Portugal: 2 South Korea: 2 Albania: 1 Belgium: 1 Lithuania: 1 Montenegro: 1 TOTAL: 3,407 Coalition casualties in Afghanistan

About 92,000 people have been killed in the Afghanistan war since 2001. More than 26,000 of those killed have been civilians. Nearly 100,000 people have been injured since 2001. Afghan Civilians

What have we achieved after so many deaths and the billions of $ that have been spent?

Two members of the United Nations have had no casualties. Russia and China. Yet they both are required by International Law to bring Peace to the World.

There is only one way to bring Peace. Do not take sides.

Reducing military spending is not going to happen unless we can reform the United Nations and NATO. The onset of Climate Change will require our Military to take on new and expanded roles, including controlling civil disorder and disaster relief. Countries will need their military to safeguard food and water.

But the Military need a reality check. They have a shopping list that includes space weapons, and projects that are in the realm of fantasy.

The Military appear to have no concept of waste.The lines of Humvee's dumped in the Middle East are evidence of that.

We need a Legal Global united coordinated response to conflicts, terrorism and climate change and a Military who are not afraid to speak their minds.


Why do progressives want to slash military spending?

Author: Desmond Last

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