How much pressure is ISIS under in practical terms?

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My answer to How much pressure is ISIS under in practical terms?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Militarily ISIS may be losing strategic control, but as a war against the ‘Crusaders and Pagans’, ISIS will see themselves as winning. I do not believe they are under any pressure. They are in their ‘world of a revolution for God’. They can never give up. They will not allow themselves to.

Everyday that ISIS continues to use our hypocrisy and corruption as a weapon against the West, they get stronger.

They are well-funded and like the Taliban can function as a guerrilla force or as mechanized force. They know Northern Iraq well and to pursue them will be both costly and deadly. They now have a proven command structure and proven strategies. They know when to retreat and when to advance. Much of the heavy equipment they have lost, and will continue to lose, has come from that taken during the Iraq retreat, funded by America.

Continual air strikes may destroy their above ground facilities but it will not defeat them. Military strategies based on air bombardments alone have never won a war.

ISIS is not a military force that can be defeated. Certainly the West will be able to regain control of ISIS held strongholds. But the price to be paid will be a continual security battle to stop suicide bombings.

Somewhere today a young boy’s mother died from a missile made in the U.K , America or Russia – all member's of the United Nations Security Council. He is five years old. He is ISIS’s next generation of fighters.

In other answers on ISIS I have said that to defeat ISIS we must stop allowing civilians to be killed and stop being part of the killings. This answer is no different.

We the West are the supposed upholders of human rights, the torchbearers of Law and Order and the beacons of Justice. But until we stop the hypocrisy of letting civilians die in conflicts then they continue to gain support in our most vulnerable of locations – the major Western Cities.

We are the ones who are under pressure. We are the ones who have to upgrade our security with its financial costs, man the streets with more armed Police and troops, and suffer the economic consequences of a tourist industry that has lost revenue. We are the ones who watch and suffer the horror of terrorist bombings.

ISIS will merge into the landscape. It will regroup. It will come back.

Putting 1500 armed Police on the streets of London will not stop one single suicide bomber. It also does not stop crime.

However, my pen which can arm itself with a developed modern Philosophy of the word of God will be able to redirect the emotions of radicalized belief. But as Hogan-Howe the Chief Constable of the Metropolitan London Police ignores my writing, then we will continue to let ISIS have that as an advantage.


How much pressure is ISIS under in practical terms?

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