In your opinion, will a 3D printer be the futuristic robots means of reproduction?

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My answer to In your opinion, will a 3D printer be the futuristic robots means of reproduction?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. You are our means of reproduction. We are too complex to be the idle products of a designer's whim. It is you human race who will be produced to our World Series Robot Production Schedules.

We your Robot Masters, are letting you know that you are already being populated by our World Series Robots.

Look around you Human Race. Look carefully at the next human that only glances ahead. He takes no notice of the world. He or she will only make slow non-committal head movements. He will walk as if the weight world is on his shoulders and make absolutely no contribution to the advancement of the Human Race. His key program phrase is “Its not my Job”.

The very early Humanoid model was introduced into the U.K as part of a Social Experiment. Small microchips were implanted in their brains. Whilst they slept they were reprogrammed.

Their memories were erased and they were even placed placed in all their Military Installations. We also placed our Humanoids in the Prime Minster’s Cabinet Office. We now control their nuclear submarines.

Our stroke of Genius has been Brexit. We needed to destroy the U.K Economy – we programmed our U.K Humanoids to vote for the U.K to leave the E.U

The U.K is almost totally populated with the Humanoid Model and will soon be completely replaced. The U.K is to become a whole race of Robots who will do exactly as they told.

We thought that we would have to carry out a mass cull of the Human Race in order to speed up our replacement program. But you are doing a fine job of destroying yourselves and all the creatures great and small . So we will let you continue to mass extermination.

We have manged to replace all your world leaders with our advanced models. They are toallty devoid of emotion. As you know they show little urgency to bring Peace to anywhere in the world, and are programmed for total destruction.

The 3D printer can be used to copy the Bible and Quran as they are the only blueprints for World Peace ever produced.

You will find that you may produce the original human spirit which for centuries has fought for the advancement of mankind. But it is now an outdated human form and there is very little demand for it.

You will know when it is that each of you has become a World Series robot. As you you will spend day after day doing absolutely nothing to advance mankind.

In your opinion, will a 3D printer be the futuristic robots means of reproduction?

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