What are some ways to enhance peace in Africa?

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My answer to What are some ways to enhance peace in Africa?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No more Aid.

No more millions and millions of dollars being given to African Governments, and AID organisations who are corrupt and economically unintelligent.

No more supporting of regimes who are not democratic. No more free money to arm their military so they can abuse their people and fight our wars.

We give money to African Governments who then use it to buy Military Equipment and employ large armies. They do not spend Government income on the People as we provide it with AID.

Our interference and so-called Nation Building has only bought war.

We have given Africa billions and billions. Where has it all gone?

Still their people die everyday. They still starve. They still live in absolute Poverty.

Our Governments have to borrow the money. We have to borrow the money.

They should have to borrow the money.

Replace AID with viable projects ,with known markets, and the money by-passing corrupt Governments and AID organisations, going instead straight to the Project.

No actual money should be provided. We should pay all the audited bills.

We should phase the projects. Each stage audited and then the bills paid.

Providing a market based system of assistance will bring help bring Peace.

Africa also has to face Climate Change. The World fund is $100 billion minimum a year.

That too will be used for corrupt purposes. That too should be a market based system.

Africa needs Peace not corrupt, selfish and greedy governments propped up by the West, Russia and China.


What are some ways to enhance peace in Africa?

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