Inspite of having peace organizations why do we have wars in today’s world?

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My answer to Inspite of having peace organizations why do we have wars in today's world?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The ‘Peace (International) Organisations’ do not have control of the circumstances which could bring Peace.

They are not answerable to the People. They only answer to Governments and economic interests. An amalgamation of self-interest that serves only those who control them.

We have no democracy at the International Level.

We have no say in who represents us at any of the Global Forums and we the People do not take no part in any Global debates.

We have allowed our democracy to be hijacked by Government and Economic interest without the voice of dissent.

Who do the Secretary General and the delegates to the United Nations work for?

Certainly not the people.

We the people are not part of the International System of Government.

That is why the World is in such a mess. We cannot continue to leave our World to the decision of Government alone. We must have a voice.

The World Health Organisation, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the IMF even NATO (which has a Parliament), the OECD , even the Church Groups et al.

All these organisations do not have representation by the people for the people.

Even the Peace talks for Syria – do not include the people, only those who ensured the war continued for 5 years with 300,000 dead.

This means that they are controlled by interests other than those that are of the most benefit to the people.

When was the last time any of us heard from our delegate to the United Nations or had a say in his or her vote?

Now we are about to have a new Secretary-General to the United Nations. But we have no say in the appointment.

Until we have a United Nations that is answerable to the People, as I have been advocating, there can be no World Peace.

My development of the United Nations, which has not been acknowledged by any Government or Media, is proof in itself of who the United Nations is acting for – certainly not the people.

Inspite of having peace organizations why do we have wars in today's world?

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