Could there ever be a coup in the UK?

My answer to Could there ever be a coup in the UK?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes there could be a coup. We are a lot closer to a coup then we are to not having a coup. We have less and less democracy in the U.K each time we have a change of Government.

The people of U.K have become more restricted in their ability to influence the direction of not just the Government, but also the country. Brexit displayed the depth of feeling.

The U.K has less democracy than many of its European counterparts.

The House of Lords can hardly be described as democratic. Its role is not the same as its effectiveness.

The Labour Party has an unbelievable hypocrisy in supporting the House of Lords.

We have a Royal Family who are completely removed from the people yet continue to spend Public Money whilst people queue at food banks.

We have Government organisations that do not accept any responsibility for their actions such as Southern NHS. Who could not explain the deaths of patients in their care. The executive in charge did not resign. There is less and less accountability.

Our human rights laws only apply if you the money for a solicitor.

We have a huge divide between the poor and the wealthy, the young blacks and the white population.

The Police have become a surrogate Government in that they enforce laws that only divide society and which intentionally or not persecute the poor and disadvantaged.

I saw a homeless man in Oxford being kicked by the Police who got upset when I objected. ‘They got upset because I was defending his rights. The Police give you more rights the more money and influence you have.

Theresa May believes she is able to be our Prime Minister without a mandate.

May did not even give the people of the U.K the courtesy of a National address in the evening when we are all at home. Like most Governments she spoke to the media, she did not address the Nation.

Theresa May has just spent 6 years in a Government which has divided the nation now we are expected to believe she had no part of it..

May has a Bill going through Parliament which will put MI5 into the front room of U.K citizens – because May’s Government is not able to stop the causes of Terrorism.

We had a 13 year inquiry into the Iraq war and then..……………………………………..?

Theresa May made out she was the heroine of Hillsborough but she was Home Secretary for 6 years and in charge of the same Police who changed their statements..

The High speed train bulldozes its way through the country – even though everybody objects.

Fracking goes ahead – yet its consequences on an Island country are not known.

I write about methods to deal with terrorism and not one U.K Government or Opposition is interested.

There is a U.K based group in the U,K who commit global cybercrime and are not arrested – what other crimes have they committed?

We also have BrexitLess. We have Liam Fox who had to repay expenses and a new Brexit Minister nobody in Europe knows even though they will have to negotiate our future with him.

We also have a growing right wing in the U.K. supported by the Establishment.

We have a celebrity obsessed media who speak not for the people but for whoever owns them. This leads to the Citizens of the U.K not being able to use the media as a representative voice.

We have a groups within Government who do identify themselves that demand a great deal of Public money to advise the Goveremtn – bit are not answerable to the people. The Fixated Threat Group is one – they are not accountable yet they can remove Liberty.

Add up all that I have described and I am sure hundreds of thousands of individual examples and then we have the possibility of a far left Corbyn Government and the civil unrest it could cause. Yes we could see a coup.

As individual items of discord they will not cause a coup. But for a modern evolved democracy they are the symptoms of a failure to produce progressive solutions to a diverse and increasingly aware people.

People will turn to the honesty of Corbyn who has refused to back down in spite of the Labour Establishment who have tried to remove him. There is little difference between the Labour Establishment and the Conservative Establishment. They all end up sitting next to each other in the House of Lords.

NATO and the British Military establishment would never trust Jeremy Corbyn with the security of the U.K.

I imagine the plans for a coup are well under way should Corbyn ever become Prime Minister.

I doubt if the Military would mount as coup unless they had the support of the Establishment. But May is a last resort for them and Corbyn is not a Politician they will support.

Call it dissolution of Parliament but it could happen.

Could there ever be a coup in the UK?

Author: Desmond Last

My name is Desmond Last. For the past 15~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am employed as a full-time Security Officer for the NSW Government at Liverpool Hospital Sydney. I also act as an Engineering Consultant to EarthCruiser Australia.

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