What if someone creates AI without a kill switch?

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My answer to What if someone creates AI without a kill switch?

Answer by Desmond Last:

This will happen:

You did not know why it is that you felt angry. You were such a normal happy person.

It was as if you had another person in your mind. They said that it was part of a research project.

You were part of a social experiment.

You had been chosen and the whole world would be watching your progress in the experiment.

You were fitted with a device that connects a computer to you. The computer was state of the Art Artificial Intelligence.

You thought you controlled the AI computer but they controlled it and you.

Whatever you could see was transmitted back to the AI Brain.

What you thought was programmed into the AI brain.

But at night when you were asleep it programmed you.

The AI brain also told you answers to questions.

It was great when you had an exam for your Doctors’s qualification. You passed top to the Class.

Even better when you went to the Casino. They had wired you to their systems and all the security cameras – you went home with thousands of dollars.

They never told you it could not be switched off. Now the voice never stopped.

They watched you. Wherever you went people were watching you.

When you were appointed to the Pentagon as the senior in charge of Medical Care the voice grew louder.

Soon you were angry. The voice would not stop. It told you that the Pentagon was responsible for the anger and the pain.

You made the bomb in the Pentagon. The voice told you how to do it.

The pain was worse now. It hurt your eyes and your brain.

The voice said the Pain would go as soon as you the put the wires together.

600 people died. The Pentagon was disabled. Then they launched the nuclear attack.

The Pentagon could not respond.


What if someone creates AI without a kill switch?

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