Will humans achieve interstellar travel?

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My answer to Will humans achieve interstellar travel?

Answer by Desmond Last:

This is Public Service Announcement by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

We should explain that we are your Inter-Galactic Enforcement Police.

Will you please ensure that all inhabitants of Planet Earth read this Official Communication.

Will newsreaders and broadcasters please read it on your vision and audio systems.

Notice Inter-Galactic 01 2016 minus 2 Zero Time Phases.

You are in contravention of Inter-Galactic Laws.

You have been given Planet Earth on a lease which forbids you from damaging the bio-system which was developed for you.

We cannot allow you to enter the Galaxies whilst you have the ability to transfer your Evil to other peoples and Worlds.

You are a danger to the Peace Loving people of the Galaxies.

You are put on notice Planet Earth.

If you do not take immediate steps to rid your world of the Evil which causes you to destroy everything you have been entrusted with, then we will have no other option but to ban you from Space.

Your satellites will be destroyed and so too the weapons you have in your space transports and communication systems.

Any further rocket launches will be stopped by order of the Grand Council of the Galaxy.

We are preparing an Astro Space Shuttle for those of you who do not have the Evil virus and for your creatures great and small.

Sorry but we do want any NASA personal or any of your World Leaders.

They have involved themselves in systems that are not of benefit to mankind and the Galaxy.

Those of you who have fought Evil will be transferred to a New World.

As there are not very many of you prepared to fight Evil we will only need one Space Shuttle – the Noah model.

Sorry Planet Earth. But the rest of you are so intent on destroying each other that you are infected with the Evil virus – Apathy and Selflessness. Which we cannot Quarantine.

These warnings are real Planet Earth. Our Representative on Planet Earth Desmond Last has tried to warn you. Quora is our chosen medium for further messages.

Those of you who have seats reserved on ‘Noah’ for you will soon receive your boarding passes by Galactic visualization. You cannot take any belongings with you.


Will humans achieve interstellar travel?

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