Was Brexit a net positive for Boris Johnson’s legacy?

My answer to Was Brexit a net positive for Boris Johnson's legacy?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Should Boris Johnson be remembered or forgotten?

Will he now fade into irrelevance or will he always be there to remind us that it is not Politicians that enhance a Nation but its people. He awoke in many a spirit of independence that I thought had long gone.

If his legacy is to be that for which the people of the United Kingdom will remember him as a contributor to the advance of democracy, then yes Brexit was a net positive for Boris.

The EU referendum was a unique opportunity for the Politicians and Establishment to see for themselves how divided the U.K has become.

The country lacks unity and it lacks purpose.

Boris Johnson led the people to a decision. He did not falter in his purpose and because of that he has had to take a lot of abuse.

Why, I have no idea. This is still a democracy and had the vote gone the other way he would have accepted the decision with good manners.

He failed to deliver a concise Brexit plan but then so did everybody else.

I do not believe he has the knowledge of the complexity of post-Brexit and would have failed as a Prime Mister.

But surely his legacy has to be one of good spirit and a love of a Country he wishes to see independent of those who are not its elected leaders.

Yes, his legacy for many will be a positive. He has woken a sleeping Lion.


Was Brexit a net positive for Boris Johnson's legacy?

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