Would the UK not be better off if David Cameron stayed on as Prime Minister? And did he really have to resign?

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My answer to Would the UK not be better off if David Cameron stayed on as Prime Minister? And did he really have to…

Answer by Desmond Last:

Yes. The United Kingdom now needs a leader and it should be David Cameron.

Up until the referendum Cameron did not really have a direction or a philosophy from which to form a vision for the United Kingdom.

‘Big Society’ forgot to include the people and got carried away with flow charts and symbolism whilst at the same time dazzling Cameron with the philosophy he so badly needed.

Coming from Eaton and Oxford he has not been equipped to form a philosophy of his own. Hardly surprising as Oxford is very good at teaching but not very good at learning. Original thought is not Oxford’s forte.

Cameron resigned at exactly the wrong time in British History. He knew as soon as the vote was announced what it was the people of the United kingdom wanted.

Here was a people saying to him that they wanted Europe and they wanted to be in charge of their own destiny.

What a mandate for reform. What a mandate on which to form a vision for the future not only of the United kingdom but also Europe.

An opportunity to put the United Kingdom back into the steering seat of European Politics, and rightly so.

We have been the lynch pin of European security and cohesion for over 150 years. We have never failed in our duty to our European neighbors and we have always lead not only in innovation but also in the advance of social justice.

‘Why did we let Cameron resign?’ will be a question that will be asked again and again as we slowly slide into economic mediocrity.

Cameron has only just began to discover in himself what it takes to be a leader. It requires vision and commitment. A commitment to the obligation of Office and a vision for the fulfillment of his people ambitions.

He knows the European Presidents and knows how to negotiate with them. Why lose all that experience?

His first term as Prime Minster was not of his own – the Coalition did not allow him to ‘find his feet’ He found his feet when he said in Parliament to Jeremy Corbyn ‘For heaven sake man go’ He said it not for Party obligation but Nation need.

The Conservative Party will now be lost in a mismatch of populist policy which is not what the U.K needs. Cameron knows Europe and with the mandate now given to him by the people he has his Philosophy and the People's vision.

He was too hard on himself. Learning to roll with the punches is an art which he has not yet mastered.

Cameron also made a good team with Osborne. Osborne lacks ‘new economic thought’ but you cannot fault his commitment.

If I were the movers and shakers in the Conservative Party I would be knocking on his door to ask him to remain as Prime Minster.

I am the most detached observer of the Conservative Party. I was on the Didcot Power Station Picket line during the Miners Strike. I am stating what I believe to be best for the United Kingdom.


Would the UK not be better off if David Cameron stayed on as Prime Minister? And did he really have to resign?

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